What's it all for

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I'm always surprised at cumulative effects. This blog, like what is it for?

Am I relating information about some artistic endeavors of the day or is it an attempt at something unknown and actually unknowable.

In the image above it starts with 3 Smithsonite cards.

Is it like putting together tarot cards and reading them.

A blog is a log.

Captain's log. "We have encountered the Artisan Breads"...

Smithsonite cards might be a deckable thing.

The log is like a depository of information, the news of the day.

A Journal.

This is an Image I cropped from a news picture from the Champlain Towers South building collapsed in Surfside, Florida, ...part of the Log.

It looks like a work of art.

It's the 4th of July. And today I spent my time with family, on Ingrid's side - her Aunt Rose and Uncle Bart, who's brother was an Artist, Ed Zerne.

I'll upload a picture of his.

Everything proceeds as before. Ingrid and I will stretch a painting. The fireworks will explode.

And I, will create images.

" I alone in the dark. "

I opened an email from my lawyer.

Dear Clients: Yesterday, the Boy Scouts of America filed a “Restructuring Support Agreement” endorsed by all constituencies of victims:

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