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Way back in the 1972 ERA movement there was this woman Phyllis Schlafly, who now gets to be represented by Cate Blanchett in FX's ‘Mrs America’

Phyllis Schlafly Is Against the Women’s Lib Movement

Here's a link to the Trailer on Youtube Mrs. America | Official Trailer | FX via @YouTube

So.....Back in 1972 I would have been 10 years old. My awareness of the Equal Rights Amendment, was pretty much non existent. I remember that we had recently moved to my families suburban home from a row house in Washington D.C. so we where, 'moving on up'. We lived in a somewhat patriarchal cultural arrangement where mom maintained the home and dad worked, although actually they both worked, but back then being a teacher was not a "real job".

My dad did lots of home activities, mostly the "manly type", honestly I'm not very good at that - household-repair & yard work, I'm happy with the grass growing wild and the birds chirping in the overgrown bushes. I don't even like spraying my peach trees. which last year had lots of peaches that the squirrels devoured worms and all. I don't know what that says about me except that I'm not that concerned with the competition of neighborhood lawn maintenance.

But I am concerned with fairness, Women presidents, I'm all for it. Women getting equal pay, seems to be a no brainer. Women want to serve their country in the military, Yippee-ki-yay,...and why not? Women are clearly capable of doing anything the military requires. Arguing against it is a prejudice.

Women being Believed when it comes to sexural violance? Well that's the painting. Women dont have equal rights because then men wouldn't be able to get away with raping them and then saying that women being naturally inferior dont know that they are responsible for all rape. That's why they are pregnant at war. It's all their fault. Ask at least 2 out of 6 male Supreme Court Judges.

This painting, 'Pregnant at War', is clearly a ERA painting. She like the other figures is an officer, but because she is female, she is not equal-she is, 'apart' and like the woman on a giant scallop shell she is something magic. Not a Human, but something belonging on a pedestal endowed with the power of gestating life yet inferior in some creationist ranking. Why? because generally larger primates, whom themselves incapable of this gestating, yet may- through the power of brutism, force the reproduction of their beastial rape genes. Which also magically relieves them of responsibility for their actions or of the consequences. For who whilst brutally introducing their mindless dick into any available and 'critically', magical orifice has the ability to reason? And if capable of reason, surely said brute would have freewill and choose not to be a rapist. It must therefore be a evil-magic spell cast by women who clearly must be responsible for the brutism, making Women the cause of and source of this magically induced animal inferiority. Otherwise men would have to admit to being nothing more than apes, incapable of reason or freewill. But most of all of guilt.

Phyllis Schlafly would Call it kavanaughism.

'Mrs America' Trailer: Phyllis Schlafly Is Against Women's Lib Movement

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