Three of Nine

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

My most recent work, Seven of Nine, in seven of nine lives. Is a painting about Rape and I suppose that I've been Studying Sexual Aggression and painting about rape and evolution of a rape gene. I was thinking of Christine Blasey Ford rape & Kavanaugh there's a lot to unpack about this painting and others I've created over the years.

This painting "The Glove", is in a similar vain about male aggression and vulnerabilities of women and privilege.

In post, Two of Nine, I wrote about the Equal Rights Amendment , referencing the new

Mrs America series on FX . The position for or against is not just about Women, it's also about equality for all of us. In this painting I felt stressed about the image of a white woman being central in the Image. I remember at the time I was concerned that a white character in a painting by myself a black artist may seem to take away from the prominence of black characterization in art. because 'Black Art Matters', the painting was about Abortion. It was not about race but it was about race. Media wise and nationally, abortion affects all of us yet specifically it was about women and although black women and abortion was in my experience the public face of it was ultimately couched as religious, and secular White people men and women and the rest of us to a lesser degree arguing about rights to freedom over all of our own bodies, with aborted fetuses being used as the cudgel.

Art is often subconscious so I'm dubious about automation of it. That canvas of something perfect for that space you found at the store may have been produced specifically for that purpose. But freedom requires some element of chance, like the freedom to control one's own body. You may take control by having an abortion; that may be a messy proposition. It can affect various elements in your environment, in your orbit - Like your family obviously.

But you wouldn't want to be a puppet, some doll subjected to self appointed molesters with glove on hand stealing your body to satisfy the whims of others who claim some faith of prominence forcing you to subject to rape and deliverance. Such a dictum would steal your right of habeas corpus, imprisoning you by religious decree.

See there in the painting, the doll like woman on a chair as if she's some ventriloquist dummy, limp and awaiting control. See her empty eyes she holds the purpose of her life. See the silhouette, a view of an outline a featureless minority discriminated in a society usually used as an example usually being black.

See the transparent twine figure of a man erect and prominent.

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