For three Bitcoin in El Salvador...about $105,000. You can be entitled to permanent residence.

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

An American Romance

This painting, An American Romance, is valued at $100,000.00 if I sale it as an NFT I will not be moving to El Salvador.

I'm an American, I will not be moving to El Salvador even in the event of racist starting a war over race. Because they don't want to share democracy, the thing they call Western civilizations greatest invention and contribution to humanity.

Why? Because Democracy allows for the peaceful transfer of power in a shared agreement towards self preservation. The peaceful transition of power requires equity in application of said power.

Voting is the application of force and it's ease of application is the measure of equity.

Inhibitions to voting destroys democracy by stealing the equity of the freedom to vote in relative time. Relative time for voters means that they are allowed to vote in the time frame most suitable to their circumstances.

So, like, "the American Romance" I and the millions of Americans fighting for truth justice and the American way are the story of democracy.

And if you don't want to believe in truth, one fine day in your town the temperature will rise to 120 degrees fahrenheit. Seniors and little children will die.

Truth is revealed even when people are obviously trying to hide it. Like mutations of a pandemic spreading in the population of people who refused to get vaccinated.

Dying from preventable climate change is not fair to voters

Dying from preventable disease is not fair to voters

Allowing preventable Genocide to keep democracy away from us all is a crime against humanity.

We really don't have time

What good would it do to run away.


I'm in Delaware with Ingrid helping stretch and hang two of her Dad's paintings at her cousins new beach house. His paintings are going on two walls.

But first we must go to the beach.

Now Id written about this before a few days ago. Where I'd been on the beach stuck in the sand, because it's sand and it's hot. And sandy. And I was bitchily bitching about tacky advertising and way too much exposed cellulite and etc.

Ed Zerne section of a landscape

Ed Zerne 1991 acrylic on canvas 66 by 72 inches private collection

...And the Atrocities on the beach keep coming. I'm not as interested in painting cellulite.

And privileges of those lusting after women's bodies in painting is passé'.

They will have to settle for enjoying advertising targeting women actively in pursuit of mates.

What are we left with at the beach to paint besides landscape? ... cellulite.

I like the idea of talking about how I'm going to paint waves and clouds and that may happen but the reality is that I'm more likely to paint about the cellulite and the discomfort with aging but make no comments on my rapidly accelerating decrepitude.

Nor am I being purposely misleading about the clouds or waves.

It's actually a means I think of understanding the process. I'm not interested in realistically rendering Clouds, I'm interested in the idea of how to solidify vaporous gaseous plasticity, grappling with cloudiness is a highly noble ambition.

I like clouds I watch clouds I've had drinks directly from clouds. You can't tell me clouds are not a thing! Butt Gluteus Maximus! Clouds of cellulite?

Great massive towering blubbering blistering churning roiling oil filled cyst of

Creation? image comes to me.

And in it I see Great bulbus clouds of cellulite rising up towering like sentries loosely fatly light as a cloud. Massively dominating sky.

And heavy

So very



Wet in anticipation

Day 2

Ingrid is off with her Aunt Rosemary to buy materials and I am left to write about myself and such, so as to be more "personable".

"Personable", I wasn't sure about this word dredged up from my subconscious. I looked it up.

(per·son·a·ble /ˈpərs(ə)nəb(ə)l/ adjective (of a person)

having a pleasant appearance and manner. "he was so personable and well-spoken"


Why do I feel like laughing my guts out.

But I'm not laughing

Such a strange feeling

To feel

Unexpressed mirth.

But we need another picture, one that's more, "personable" less like someone laughing at your pain.

So happy.

A house on the beach is a dream so many people hold dear.

But I was selfish, wanting the beach all to myself. Wanting the "Turboprop Airplane”, to stop hawking Geico, and to crash into the sea.

Wanting the Gigantic floating bill board to not be a thing. Well, it could be a thing if it was underwater and you had to don scuba gear to see 13 year old Mikey's birthday greeting.

But there's a million humans out there down the street.

So we're not so likely to find an untarnished landscape.

An unblemished paradise.

Which would be better, Planet of the Apes Or Soylent green?

Planet of the apes had that Beach scene where Charlton Heston cursed humanity to hell.

Oh! And the people where gone because of catastrophic climate change.

At least it was a beach with only two people and a horse. Though somebody did leave a heap of corroding meaningless scrap metal there.

Which brings us to the Statue of Liberty

Now the French, "bless their hearts", found in their hearts a hole. This precipitated a "need", to be "filled", so the French decided to fill that hole with a statue.

A miniature replica of the Statue of liberty in New York. A 1,000-pound, nine-foot tall replica "in a plexiglass box that would not protect the 'little sister,'" from COVID-19.

CMA CGM North America -- was the company that handled the shipping and logistics for shoving the "little condom covered sister", into the hole.

The "hole", is America

Which is currently having an adolescence moment. Feeling miserable, guilty for jerking off. Still lying about it and blaming the cum stains on Canada or Mexico or Cuba or those shit-hole countries; like Russia.

The whole black life thingy is making the white insecure thing a thing. Because the Black thing is not supposed to be a thing.

But it is a thing Because Black people are people.

And we know how people are. People are smart and crafty and industrious. If that was not true there would be not history of places like "Black Wall St." And consequences of the Black Wall Street being destroyed and it's people murdered by terrified white people who lied to themselves that they could control these black people with out the threat of and actual murder.

So the French are feeling dis-eased by the racy culty crazy rejection of reality exhibition being presented by America.

It's was gnawing a hole in their heart because the toxic authoritarianism which history shows leads to a bad case of genocide and heart burn and gas.

So they flew the statue To America where it now sits in the ambassador's home in the front yard. Perhaps from there the democracy draining out the hole in their heart can be stanched.

Symbolically it's a bloody mess. Liberty stuck in a Bloody hole.

I expected it to travel cross country.

But no.

Oh well.

Day 3

Morning. One painting stretched one to go.

Selbyville, Delaware U.S.A. Tue, 7 AM, Sunny

72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gun Shots.

Am I the only one noticing the sound of Gun shots in the neighborhood everyday?

What are these people shooting at?

Forgive me but what needs to be shot at every day in a contemporary American suburban track? Threatening Beer cans?

10:28 second painting stretched

Ed Zerne 1991 acrylic on canvas 66 by 72 inches. Private collection.

Wolfie's not here today. Did I neglect to mention Wolfie? Wolfie's name is actually something else but I have difficulty remembering what. It starts with a Y, like Yanky or something but further north.




That's it Yeti, like the abomination of the north the Abominable snowman.

An all white Samoyed

I drew a picture to scale. Yeti barked at me every time Ingrid and I visited her relatives.

I'd walk in the room and Yeti would salivate his tongue dragging the floors...just kidding.

Sweet dog.

Just didn't trust me till he got a taste.

Literally licked my whole hand.

Almost done with the stretching and hanging. Sounds like torcher and murder.

Well one more day in Delaware. We are literally waiting for paint to dry. Soon both paintings will be hung and we will I think have some extra free time on our hands.

Second painting on the Wall.