Things I can't publish on Facebook.

The Father acrylic on canvas

I'm thinking that the marketing thing would be to not offend anyone looking for Christmas presents.

But I'm thinking that in the end game of gratuitous capitalism it might be the artist expression of public disobedience and expression of outrageousness called for.

I might like to see some such things that Facebook censors or is not marketed to the same people who would hide history.

That might make for a very interesting holiday.

I really should advocate for Women's equal rights.

..and political equality.

Few things leave an impression on the mind of a child, "at least this child", like the rituals repeated every Sunday.

The music, the dancing the exhortations!

And the art.

The clothes, the dresses and hats.

My introduction to art... May well have been the church.

I painted a tree once.

A portrait of girls, my cousins, and my grandfather.

I've painted controversies and it's a inhibition.

But if you are influenced by the Christian church you tend to make moralizing allegories.

As demonstrated by "The father",

This is what happens, some people are so invested in their beliefs no matter the subject that like this model they take a pose.

Having received the pose I expand my exploration and some experimentation.

I've been hiking lately and of course I'm doing photography very nice to find the trails and seek out images along the way.

I've never done a photography based show, although there is photography collaged into my painted works.

This recent photography I've started editing and using symmetry to find images. While having taken the image before hand anticipating the likelihood of a dynamic outcome.

These images lighten the burden of immediately having to price every image on my site.

While I continue to popularize the site I do have something for sale two paintings I think have been priced and the nature photography is part of the Gods of Nature avenue.

The images...

....Make for interesting designs...

The shirts are priced so that I make less than the asking price.

So less for you to pay.

I like the Idea that more people will be able to buy one. I don't know how many I'll make but hope to keep up loading the images.

I've also started playing with digital copies of my paintings, looking for these images within images.

So I suppose I'm painting and finding Gods hidden among us. That's a way.

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