The Peacock Show

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Imagine you're at the cross road.

And you literally have to choose which one of your precious loved ones must die horribly.

So you stop to think about it and your thinking that if you choose this one then you won't have to put up with that petty annoyance ever again.

On the other hand how much would it really bother you that whomever you choose to be burned alive - suffered terribly as you watch them mouthing your name in those final trembling moments.

How much can it really, bother?"

you think,

as you consider the proper look of Barbecue sauce for glossy cooking show advertisement porn.

So you choose that one. And your standing there at the cross road half expecting a trap just because you choose the murder option. Your looking about waiting for the surprise.

But nothing happens, so you look one way and the other then you step off. On the adventure.

"What the F'CK!"?

Two siblings, ones a murderer. They're family so deserve protection. They murdered you then skipped on down the road. While there you lay in the cross road a corpse.

One sibling is humanity the other is nature.

Yes,..I know, cringy in a tree hugger way. But who doesn't care at least for one childhood tree?

Olympia's fantasy

If you have been alive - can communicate with other humans. Then you should have a concept of maintenance.

Drawing of an environmental suit with water excretory port designed to maintain suitable condition in immediate vicinity.

Understanding Maintenance and maintaining maintenance are two different things, requiring an independent oversight committee with limited veto power.

Not maintaining your environment can result in a catastrophic systems collapse.

Who really wants to die from heat exhaustion?

Or concrete failure due to climate change.

Because saving the World, is saving US!' and we can't escape to Mars we don't have time. We have to maintain Earth.

Where we live on the east coast, in what would be dense Forest punctuated by suburban tracks and commercial hubs. A fire like what happens in the north west United States, would be devastating.

Therefore I officially being a business, must by the the theological tenants of Capitalism most High!.

Offer this must have summer product of the season!

But first, who was at the cross road?

It was nature,

no suspense.

And you humanity are a part

Of nature

.and so

At the cross road.

Nature decided on maintenance

Humanity ... ignoring the crumbling concrete. Falls suddenly

In a shower

Of pulverized



Then baked

In a gas




Commit suicide.

It's so funny

This painting is a self portrait called, 'The Perreaoult" which is a French Clown. Being a clown he's immune from prosecution for political and cultural faux pas.

We have to sell it, what's the asking price.?

Wanda, 'the sister,"

(What do you want? What do you think it's worth. I think it's priceless--so go for it)

The Perreaoult, is also in this painting, and there's George again. What's the value of these two paintings? $5? $500? $50000.

Romeo America.

In my blog I wrote that this painting, An American Romance, is valued at $100,000.00 It is a large two panel acrylic collage painting 12 by 8 feet.

It's what we call an activist artwork.

It is not going to match the mauve. Or maybe it would.

It's not going to be on most Art web sites or publicly funded exhibition spaces.

Yet it has too...

It is by definition a public work.

Not public in the description of street art or community art.

Public in the term that activist art is disruptive, augmentative, controversial.

It fosters discourse.

It's the power of speech.

To begin dialogue

But Social Media forbids Visual artists freedom to create by censoring art.

Yet Social Media depends on the constant uploading of free content by visual artist.

This effectively censors expression giving full reign to championship of mundanity.

It's all so beautiful.

Beautiful is a public display.

Exhibitions Onsite

The Peacock Show.

Hmmm... ambient screaming





A story

The peacock

Scar tissue on the brain

Way back

When She smoked cigarettes over the crib

And Sundays were church days

Full of cookies and cream

Every evening we watched the violence

And remember everything

On black and white TV

A peacock is a bird...

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