Telling a Story

I've been uploading and properly naming Images of art work organizing into sets of drawing, painting and digital work. I have to create another section for my projection work.

Making easy access to the Art is what I want.

The Gallery sales options of Original works will be determined by the type of purchase.

Once I have a navigable site, with correct information on actual art works. Then I think we will be, "open" to the public, regarding sales of prints, and more.

...time it's taking time.

My works tell stories. Each one stands alone, some form stories together. There is however an overall story lol.

It begins in a basement of a Babtist Church. Vacation Bible School.

There in a class we read Christian comic books. I noticed something that was a conflict with reality.

Art, the cartoons...all the people representative of the good the holy the angels the Christ the God, they all looked like the people who on T.V. were the fascist the racist the murderers...

The color based interpretations of good and evil could not be reconciled.

And Allegorical art could lie.

For me Allegory; expression by symbolic figures representing truths or ideas about human existence is the visual meat of art.

Religion. Politics. Sex.

Christ Vanity







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