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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

this is not a play

this is not performance art

Perreaoult's Experimentsinart

Situation 1: I like the idea that it is a male telling the story however it very well could be a woman or a group of people. Say the whole cast of the play if a play it were.

Introduction I suppose that I should introduce my self. My name is Perreaoult I was born to be James Perry Daniels Junior. One day I heard a story that my father told. It was that they, "Who ever they were" Pronounced his middle name parrot, Like the bird. And he didn't like that name so he changed it When I got the name I changed it again Well here I am writing On a quest to find some truth

What you will find in these letters is the beginnings of a dialogue were I present you with some provocative images. But my purpose is not of an offensive nature, I hope to ignite a discussion on the nature of our existence with these visual means.

Situation 2: Here we have a picture of a child;

it could be any child but I happen to know it is a missing child, that is horrible in it's self

but that is another subject.

{Or is it in as,

"How we do use the helpless"}

, enter stage right a child

who speaks or hears these words.

You Know 06/16/01

You know... a person takes time to try to understand the world from his or her point of view. That person may step back from the view, to try to see with the eyes of others.

Sometimes the eyes are not enough.

So what is real? We can't be certain of what is real - my view of reality places me in a world where we Americans sometimes seem to see or used to see very little besides our personal pleasure. Realism in art then could be a, "window of truth" into the mind of others whom really see only what they want to believe; to see what that person sees is to see only the perception that they choose.

So then- it may not be real; it may only be the worldview of some nation, culture, race or religious propaganda. There is a lot of "real" propaganda, and there is a lot of it posing as art and faith.

So why worry over it? Life's too short to take everything all heavy and serious all the time. We fine art types take ourselves way too seriously at times. But then! Life is too short and some people want to kill you. That's heavy and serious.

Reality is in the mind of the beholder.

Reality is malleable

Situation 3: here we have again the child being comforted by the mother figure; let it be a woman of child baring years YES? She speaks of Picassos. And that poor child,... is he running about from some monster in the night-a monster with a knife. The child screams! The Italics are his lines

When your world comes crashing down around you it is not a time to be thinking of the paintings on the walls. But I'm not leaving the Picassos!

Whether "art exist for art's sake." "Whether " Women were created like animals and plants and other useful things, "Whether" a complex world designed for ideal human existence engages in evil Whether the human variable is volatile Whether art is a waste of time Whether it is time you kill your-self Whether Man is the purpose What is the whether today?

Situation 4: exit the mother and child, let's replace them with a Africa colonialist European from the eighteen hundreds, mustachioed and helmeted and attitude like a home girl

Ho - Ho "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system", or, "foolish mortals tricks are for kids!" What is ordinary and who decides? Why is contemporary Art so hard for ordinary people to understand? This is some-what like asking is humanity difficult to understand? Or life, or one's children. Really - is it the art that we have difficulty with, or is it that we censor our selves to the experiences of others. What is really difficult to understand is us. One might ask why central and peripheral nervous systems are difficult for someone uninterested to understand. If a art work comes from a culture that thinks beautiful and of the highest statement the sculpted sex organs of dogs and cats; are we then - not thinking so, superior to them? "Not that there aren’t people who appreciate such sculpture in our culture." And if we are superior, " because we cannot understand their art", should we show it by censoring their art? Destroying their culture. Replacing it with ours…

...Or more disturbing succumbing to fear- destroying our freedoms of expression - replacing it with oppression.

Situation 5: bring back that ill boy, enter! Stage right! Read boy read…

Ticks on the body of god 07/07/01 I began with this question of memory and conscience And the question came when I thought, "my heart... is this a heart attack?" There was the pain in my arms and wild beatings but then I was still alive and remembering this; so if it was a heart attack it did not kill me. So if I did have a killer heart attack would I remember it? That is would I, "being good and fearful of God in the proper sense - Die after my heart attack and then go to heaven where I would see all of my loved ones and there live happy forever. Would I? Would my beloved aunt be there as well? Or would she be in hell for not having begged forgiveness at that final moment? Would I be happy in heaven knowing that she suffered forever in hell and though I loved her I would never see her for eternity. Would I? Could I be happy with this for eternity?

What kind of being would I be to suck obliviously on the body of god forever conscienceless of the suffering of others? What kind of creature would that be? Or would I on dying remember nothing. Neither the heart attack nor the life before. Or could it be that I did die? This {afterlife}, being the same continuity of life but then - only for me. Every one else knows I'm dead. Some parallel television universe… And what has any of this to do with art? Existentialism Subject; Ticks on the back of God See the painting is obvious now it is a bearded naked Michael Angelo god in the pose of a dog scratching at its collar or biting at its ass. So how dose this work? In the painting the image of the dog god forms the landscape that that is the background to our subject of "Hard Color", which is a family seated at a table feasting on a meal consisting of…Cake? Dog? Humans? Something or another, they are eating something. The sky above or beyond is a shadow a trace imprint or texture of other humans who are suffering - starving. So when ya gonna make the painting?

Situation 6: ill lil boy wanders about, perhaps he should leave- in any event we present Darwin to the stage

Situation 7 Darwin sits in contemplation, a lil ill boy paints his face crimson while screeching these words in the most charming of British accents, The British do have such wacky accents don't they?

There is this secret war. It's all about reproduction Everything is about reproduction You can do it for race You can do it for ideals You can do it for god But however you do it Somebody's gotta die There is this secreat war Not so secret really Kill the enemy Get the girl Win the war Get the girl Take the power Get the girl Make the god Get the girl Get the girl get the girl get the girl!

The insatiable monster. Is not art this? Art is a Monster. You are nothing! Be for it! Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaa You humans provide such marvelous entertainment "do it again heheh do it again!"

Situation 8: end of act one here don't you think?

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