Perreaoult 2014

It's a Online show. Turn the sound on for music

by Circus Marcus 03 Les_accouplements_rptitifs. Or remain silent

The Perreaoult is also a play on "Pierrot"

The Perreaoult is starting at $50,000.00 sold as NFT shares

This a self portrait of me as "Pierrot" , and I was as Pierrot, performing some self serving dark comedy whilst passing it off as live performance. "Operation What-ever", we called ourselves. I imagin going back to the stage; and once, while they where all asleep. I wispered in her ear that I'd be back later. Then I slipped out into the night where I found a comedy club and there I saw Eglon Daley

Now I'm sitting there at the club, I'm drinking the green fairy,..? absinthe! Yeah, ..'im waiting you see. Waiting for my chance to get on stage ...,so Eglon Says, "you gonna talk some shit out your neck"

I'm not sure it was a question.

That night I dreamed of her.

The ...Pierrot".

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