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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

{Sex and marriage},.."The Wedding" "Jumping the Broom"

I can't remember the name of this "The Wedding", painting. I remember making it. I remember the cotton, the canvas the feeling of significance. It's not the kind of work people mostly put in the living room. I suppose I could make a image that was full of silky cloth....

I search for words a lot while writing. Often it leads to interesting things online such as

.....silky cloth...and nude lovers looking over their marriage certificates. But that wasn't the subject. In my mind I had this image of "Jumping the Broom", where as I imagined two lovers in some American Antebellum South, and how they would defy the horror of not being able to choose their own mates or even keeping their own children, you may then imagine that in such circumstance couples might then choose to commit to each other and symbolically cross some threshold thus stepping over or jumping over a broom.

But I don't make art for decoration, when I do it's weird. Like pretending to support a faith or religion you don't believe in. You pretend so as to protect your friends sensibilities. But that's a lie, you pretend to protect yourself from their sensibilities.

The painting is a document, an art wedding certificate signed symbolically in blood. And it is very much about commitments in a cotton patch American Antebellum South.


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