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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Each and every time I read a requests for an artist statement I feel frustration at the attempted explanation of a visual communication being emoted in audio or text.

We are creatures of sight and sound and texture. We are emotion and pain. We sense the world in ways sometimes difficult to explain and yet we try to understand the effort.

I am a artist of culture. I've been painting the same subjects for 50 years.

Just another picture of The American experience.

I've been thinking that with greater freedom from male domination that Women have increased their collective power by the unimpeachable freedom of public commercial sexual display to exploit the benefits of sexual attraction whilst at the same shaming males for being attracted to commercialized sexual display.

Think of it like wild kingdom with peacocks showing off their feathers. Only the animals are all human beings. Only difference being that males continue to be projected as the powerful while women suffer under their whims.

Thus the males are ridiculed for the sin of being perceived as powerful. And so we make fun, speaking of them as lumbering dick brained rapist. Disposable, soon to be replaced with gene shuffling impregnation from a kit delivered by Amazon.

It's all so part of the dance that's been going on between us forever, though really there's just one of us.

The corruption of American Christianity is in trying desperately to put women back in the bottle, to enslave them to poverty and faith and children valued only for their ability to shoot a gun or reproduce like a cow.🙄

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Posting video

This video of feet having Christmas intercourse is what ended my brief affair with TikTok for now anyway. I do think it's a great medium for art.

The combination of music and images timed to the Beat is a proven means of memorization. I think it's interesting to see these images to the best in .05 speed. Tap the 3 dots on the right bottom and choose the speed of your video.

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