Just Dyst

I have an 11:20 appointment with my Cardiologist. The device implanted in my chest is expected to fail soon. Meaning I will have Minor surgery in less than a year.

There now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Such a brief statement says so much. Not that I can be depended on for brevity or clarity.

The quality of being coherent and intelligible is not something you should expect in what by default becomes a journal a diary.

What any reader should expect are the juicy bits.

But first I have this Cardiologist to deal with.

When visiting your Dr you must tell them of your drugs and whether or not you drink or, you know do anything they tell you like, "stop doing those things".

They tell you in the movies that your Dr knows your lying. So what is the point in doing so. May as well tell the Cardiologist everything.


In the Joker movie the Joker, Writing in his journal, "The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't."

And behaving as if you don't means lying.

But I in a moment of sanity I told the truth.

Thus the insanity that follows.

First the Dr. must be sure I'm not clenching Cyanide capsules in my teeth.

Having assured the Dr. I don't tell him about an incident involving insulin. Or the

Alcohol, or the drugs.

Hmmm, according to the computer, that device, which keeps my heart from beating out of control, battery has to be replaced soon.

Meanwhile the Dr is droning on about kids being the important things and we're just dust drifting...

We're not very dusty, wet squishy not really drifting.

I'm thinking, if I'd said I had Cyanide capsules in my teeth I might had gotten some medical assistance. Maybe they figured that if I haven't successfully killed myself by now then I'll probably die of a heart attack before I get suicide right.

What's the point of getting batteries.

Dust don't need batteries

Squishy wet things need mind control to change the battery.

Dyst is a misspelling, I looked up the misspelled word. Dyst could mean, "Did You See this", or "Duty Status".

But the word dystopian feels relevant.

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