Is the the Gallery open! Are you here? Are you looking at art?

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I need to price out some art, work that takes into fact the Gallery interest. While I sold some Smithsonite Cards individually and some prints.

These can be had as sets. ....I am distracted by painting and lose the moment.

I drew this just before starting the painting, Titanium.

...Mean whilst..............on the internet .

Things I desperately sketched, while waisting away at the Smithsonian Museum Shop. My old artist fans and collaborators looking upon me with shame and disdain.

I hung on to the gallery scene selling works that had never scene a show.

But this was bad for me in as I'm not the expressionist I claimed to be all these years. That truth is a Activist Artist reality -that activist Artwork, works whilst on exhibit, activist Artwork, works while on exhibit.

That's confrontational.

Somebody's got to talk about it. Just it just needs to be Ooprah! I'm I Right Everybody 💜💓👄🍭☀️😳

Here she comes.

What do you mean which she?


The she of the Male Gaze.

Guilty. Me! Over here Guilty as charged.

How can one victimize while being a victim. Are we all victims and as someone wants you to believe. What ever victimization you suffered at whom ever or what ever circumstances.

You need to put it aside and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and no matter how many times they burn down your community. No many how many of your relatives that they hang as Christmas decorations. No matter how they try to erase you from history. You remember

That I watched my daddy burn down your house and rape your mom and you my brother but I got to murder you now. Cause we can't have no critical race discussion where I don't get to hold the whip.

If someone asks me to do a portrait of Oprah, my first thought was to chop a pedestal out of raw wood a stupidly tall one. Then chop a rediculouse room size head out of balsa or some such. The head would be painted that absolute black and be precariously balanced on the white painted dripping pedestal.

Just dripping with fabulous and almost impossible to see. Fame

I have failed miserably at the sales of wall painting to match mauve accessories.

Of course the Gallery is always open to the wandering the old collector and the new. Anyone paying attention will see I've let go of a few secrets. That's part of the game. I'm of the opinion that if you visit a artist site you should get to see more than the newest work or most famous. You should get to see as much as possible.


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