I Wish I were Special...


I just thought of what I did today. I went through separating the story from theory, in the stacks of hundreds... thousands of Smithsonian cards with pictures on them, drawings, like rediscovering a lost chamber of caves. I've begun photographing them as sets in blind selection.

The story has begone to tell it's self.

For you Schizophrenia Art phycologist out there here's some fun stuff.

I've photographed 618 cards so far.

I've noticed some themes that repeat like the wolf.

The Swan,..."Leda and the Swan" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leda_and_the_Swan

When my kid was first givin some crayons and a piece of paper at school. He drew a boy with a penis. So they called to complain that my son was a realist. I thought he was a conceptualist in as no one had penises that size.

My friend from Long ago who's name eludes me was with me at an African Arts exhibit. We saw these African Sculptures, "I remember, now",...Mike -

joking about it. But I see the selective hiding of some parts of the body as manipulative. The COVID-19 mask controversy was artificial but I can see people preferring the shield of a mask, and finding the open mouth of a stranger repulsive. So clothing serves many purposes and no clothes is just as important.


Some Videos, let's call them Smithsonite Raw

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