Five of Nine

Sex Monsta...Yining and the Yang

.........if your going to make a painting about sex, how is it possible to do so without the Yining and the Yang .....Which contrary to The Chinese Yin & Yang my painting completely upends.

In the Sex Monsta...Yining and the Yang, Rather than having a deterministic definition of meaning ascribed to anything described as a frequency on the color wheel and certainly not black or white.

The perfection assumed by the black as 'Yin', as female representing negative or receptive, dark, winter or disorder. And the 'Yang', as white as male representing, positive, active, summer and order. A concept of dualism, describing complementary opposite forces of a Universal cosmology. Is illustratively disrupted simply by the introduction of biracial and by extension BiSexual Couples. Here Yin becomes Yang becomes Yining and the Yang

It is a ideological sociopolitical disruption to the premise of an assured Universal formation of both women and men as uniform and unalterable foundations of creation.

......And so it would seem if not for another Assumption determined by a cultural bias. Another disruptor The Sex Monsta...

What can be said of the Sex Monsta...It is like an opinion of a God not being capable to act contrary to a humans perceived idea of perfection. This being of Sex framed culturally as such. Yet desired is a decision made of desires and fantasies. A lust born of accidents of birth, of freedoms of choice. A thing framed and presenting a Universe and chaos mirroring our own human minds.

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