Updated: Apr 11, 2020

It's an ...obligation

Writing about Art, explaining to people what an image is supposed to mean.

Meanwhile a great many people choose to interpret images of little known, unknown or long dead artist.

They then write down their ideas and commentary,

sometimes in great aggregates of words and references to other images.

All in an attempt to place it in some canon some agreed upon promise.

Sometimes writers will describe the trials often suffered

by the young artist. The incessant test of faith in art as a goal in itself, the patience to endure rejection or suffering or poverty.

Or madness, mental illness, or some other isolating mechanism that inhibits socialization. Leading to the unusual the inexplicable or unique.

It's an ...obligation to find ways to make art matter. To society in a world of billions, of trillions of images. To force the eye to see.

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