Blacklisted while Black making Art

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Blacklisting is a group or authority, compiling list of people, deemed unacceptable to those making the list.

In this case the list is acceptable artist.

So I've been blacklisted, some Art organizations will not even communicate with me.

So I really must suck as an artist or doing something of note

Artist who suck don't get black listed.

I am not the first Artist to be blacklisted of course

Behind Blacklisted - William Gropper

William Gropper was one of only two artists, along with Rockwell Kent, to have been targeted by the Joe McCarthy witch-hunts in the 1950s.


"Is there anything else you want visitors to know about Blacklisted?

The main thing I hope the show makes visible is that art can be a compelling means of political protest, not just personal expression. Though I doubt Gropper was flattered by the attention from McCarthy, in many ways the experience, though traumatic, confirmed Gropper’s ideas about art: That it could be political, that it could be powerful, that it could even be perceived as threatening to those in authority."

I'm thinking that Facebook and other social platforms are commercial enterprises that first and foremost are trying to sell us things.

Such as web sites and everything needed to make them work.

Butt it's not just this constant desperate capitalism. It's the Mine numbing barrage of mediocrity, the constant social pressure to belong and be of like mind. The moralizing is enough to make you want to do evil.

Facebook used an AI program to censor my art work. I don't think I should use their platform. AI are not living creatures capable of living understanding. They are not are critics.

Artsy Blacklisted my work after 911 after I submitted a work for the memorial. Instead of declining my submission they chose to Blacklist me.

My work certainly is political.

Unlike most art works I can't make Art for Arts sake. There has to be purpose.

The tag with this article on William Gropper was #activist art

I suppose I'm going to have to make art and start a revolution.

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