Updated: Aug 2, 2021

....to see the color of inside.”

Ayden ran but she would be caught. She struggled to save her younger brother. But he was so very heavy he slowed her down And when the invaders caught up to them they snatched little brother away. One of them raised the child above his head and slammed the boy to the ground. Then. Savagely stomped on him and stomped and again although the child was already dead his insides forced out. Ayden was raped and bloodied and beaten for resisting being beaten Then. Her Body broken, she was left for the carnivores to be devoured. her people had survived an eternity only to be murdered and raped and eaten by carnivorous beast-two legged and otherwise her culture shattered and lost her name her tongue forgotten gone lost forever victims of civilized cannibals. So who has decided what is and what is not an A human being?

Ayden began as a character representing a God like being derived from the lives lost in the Atlantic Slave trade.

"Ayden", the name Came from the Town of Ayden North Carolina. My parents who were born in N.C. moved in retirement to Ayden.

The Ayden character is interesting in as She was a distraction from activist political commentary, that was actually Activist.

She's a conceptualization of a God. As opposed to those existing in the theology of slavers.

She is by definition controversial.

A counter to creationism an Existential crisis for Abraham. And a deterministic Model of creation theory absent of a chosen group of self appointed suprememist claiming Authority.

Ayden evolved, if she was a God then she must create.

Her hair, her skin, her blackness becomes a symbolic thing. A metaphor for the Universe.

I made cartoons, used her for political commentary. Played with digital art to express the Idea.

Ayden continues to grow. She couldn't be a selfish God.

She's not a God at all.

She's a conceptualization of what a perfect God...In a perfect life sustaining Universe

A Universe that is not the product of a literal idiot's evolution. But the adaptation of evolutions intelligence to make humane, what is truly a fucked situation.

From slavery to Tyrannosaurus Rex ripping into the flesh of your hairy ancestors. I would argue that savagery and barbarism was never a plan of any Sentience.

Commenting that, 'God works in mysterious ways", is just a way of saying, "What the fuck is going on"? With out having any desire to actually know.

Ayden being a known conception of a deity. Wouldn't be the products of ignorant savages who believe that it's ok ok to enslave the image of God.

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