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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Now what of those murder bushes?

The story of Mare Morning began years ago...

But before I go there, if you have any Questions about any art you see on this site you can contact me directly.

Mare Morning first appears On my now defunked and *warning* unsecure, Geocities Site. Perreaoults ExperimentsinArt.

In it was this poem

Mare Morning When you awake, shall you find the answer to fate? in the sorry patches of bristling murder bushes. When you scratch your self in the tangled thorns of hate, water the patches, with some red liquid waste. Will this happen when you awake? Or, on waking will the sun dawn Enlighten your eye to a mourn! Will this cry defray you? In the night past, while you slept... "Was it real or a dream in the night?" Did its mare chase you off the abyss? This cry of morning scared you awake-was it the mare of the night? Crying its failure at your escape... off the abyss to awakening? ​ Now what of those murder bushes? shall they break your fall? Scrape you all down to ground? when you awake-these bushes now grown into trees harboring apples fleshy and sweet to be plucked There - those bushes bristling in the cry of a dawn well fed from your fall you see your ground packed about their thorny roots well watered yes! with red liquid waste the risky slitted waste of hated fate well watered and grown tall the mare mourns down abyss a thorny patchy trees...where, apples hang unplucked though ripe he mourns a poor castration there you lay asleep -- with nightmares chasing towards a new morn The dawning morn of fate there the abyss awaits deep in its past visitations it's iris of trees grown deep dense and impenetrable there! the mare mourning, Murder! Mourning Murder! it's a poor castration! there you awake to the morn. Deep in bristling contemplation.

This painting, Mare Morning, 12/11/2020 is Approx 5' by 6' . It is mounted on a black backing for the photography. The Galley price of Mare Morning, is $60,000.00

My finished work is trimmed and mounted on black canvas in a box frame

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