Always the same horrible thing

So many obsticals to just producing work. One of which is financial, maybe the first.

Not that we would think that.

As a child you don't think that you can't make art because you are making it with out crayons or paper.., You can draw with your hands in the dirt.

You don't think of it out living you till later.

(Imagine it. your life's work

Callapsing like a sky scraper

At the hands

Of another,

whom. couldn't care less

Well of course they care.


We are texting.

Me: My sleep cycle is wrecked

Crashed at 8am woke at 2

Her: came home and we got pranked by friends with these balloons sheesh.

Do you mean you went to bed at 8am?


Me: Oh so fun😊

Late night movies

Her: How come you up so late?

Me: back on a day time 😁 schedule.

Your front door looks like my front door, minus the balloons.

Her: We're in midtown, not far from maple.

This day feels long.


7:11am I'm in line at the Wegmans All the way at the rear of the building.

Her: Yikes

Better that than what happened at the ShopRite

Every one comes in at once and crowds around the Aisles while you trying to get Can of pasta sauce LOL

Me: I try to avoid people while in the store, but folks be like, getting all up under you Cause they gotta get that can of crow-lips now!

I'm trying to make more space in the studio because I'm in production mode.

Problem is I have a lot of Art from the in-law.

He passed Some years ago.

Then his fam started dumping all His art on us.

He was bitter

Didn't finish a lot of work.


It's good that you're accomplishing a


I've been meaning to write an essay for a grad Program for a while and I've been lazy and procrastinating.


Sometimes I get so disappointed with domesticity

Like is this What everyday will be? Wake up, work, pay bills, clean home ect?

I'm in a mood


Me: Hate to say yes but especially if you have kids

Wish I could escape but don't hate kids

Argh! Ingrid showed me video of myself I'm older than Earth and just as fat.

Can't die so much to do

Her: Sigh

That's a very bleak last statement.

Me: just means I gotta watch my health

When my kids were born I had dreads was healthy, except for the ❤️. 18 years ago...

Her: every-time "my guy", Mentions wanting children, my heart drops.

It's A partly selfish reason I don't see kids in my future (as of right now)

I don't want to be responsible for another human(s)

I want to live the life I want and kids are just not flexible

Me: sorry I brought it up. Kids are a pain. Time sucking career - crushing, and as teens , ungreatful, opinionated asses.

Except if you need experience for your late Art career.😉

Her: 😂

What's ironic is that We were Someone's

" career crusher, time sucking, ungreatful decision at some point

Me: Thinking, "if only I could Throw away the Inlaw stuff"

It's like someone had a bunch of junk, and sent it to you Then said, "if you don't keep it I'll die"

Feeling selfish, I need space

Her: Can you donate the in-laws art?

Me: Art work is parishable, if no one perceives it as valuable it gets destroyed.

Even he began to create art based on the perception of trash, as if it was Worthless.

It's actually a viable art theary

But he began to disregard the care of his

Work. His art rotted from fungus and exposure much of it left unfinished and in


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