Aciferol Subdural Cranium Injections

Sometimes I just produce things that I find humorous.

With this blog space here I can experiment with some ideas and find ways to make all of this work. Before I run out of energy.

The whole sales part of this is ark-ward because I didn't design my images with the intention of them being applied to clothes or used as fashion.

BUT there's nothing new and inevitably art will be applied.

This web site has aspects that allows members to join. This is a gallery so manners would be artist

Also the Gallery can have members who become administrators handling various


My initial plan was to Curate a AFFIRMATIONS SHOW

The more art that I see in social art sites that have in their name " Black Art,"

.. the greater the works I would Identify with as self affirmation. Some if which are quite stunning. And I would like to see in a show.

To enter your name into consideration


Sign Up Here

From these curated shows we would grow our members. And from our members we would draw Curators to find what they think, to show.

Anyway, that's what I thought I could write about as I see What I can do here . It brings me back to the video that I posted here and it's just a bit of sillyness that a lot of people just wouldn't get. But I started this morning by figuring out how to upload a lot of files.

Got distracted while waiting for the upload and made the video. It's ultimately a self portrait, a self AFFIRMATION with some references to drug advertising and snobbery.

Does that make of me a drug addicted snob?

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