7 of 9

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Have you ever just wondered what happened to Christine Blasey Ford and how often Kavanaugh thinks about her? Do you feel bad for Kavanaugh? and think of how hard it will be for boys and young men. Because they will be able to get that great job after the sexaul allegations come out and those women who had the audacity to make assault allegations are forgotten. We will forget the grabbing and the yelling and the beating and the freakishly violent porn video we had to see with our grandmother who told us stories about how the germans raped them in the concentration camps and your Meme who recalled that story about being rape by massa and your Aunty Em! who was raped by the grocer cause your family was short on the bill and Granny who got raped by the teacher ect ect ect. None of it ever happens because men don't rape except for illegal aliens and black teens and Uber drivers and anybody whos not white from the age of 5 up, on special occasions younger than five.

I know I know it's been a long long time and there was a senate thing and the President said what he said and people called her a liar and Brett was a perfect Man who maybe kinda was a little Unsupremey as he cast threats towards opposing Senators. AND maybe just maybe at least 2 out of 9 of us US citizens feel that the Supreme Court is bias towards rapist and hey women, what can you do man's gotta rape when man's gotta rape only it's not rape not really. And lets not forget that at least the majority of both major political parties favor rapist. So Whats a little girl to do?


Well maybe it's time to shelter in place and hope that guy you live with or near don't beat you and all those other things they don't do.

Maybe I shouldn't write it like that. But I'm tired and provably speaking to other guys more than women. Never raped anyone but why should anyone believe that? I've been a asshole. Everyone will believe that. I'm embarrassed sooo embarrassed, Ingrid and I will be looking at a movie, you know some costumed drama in ole europe like Game of Thrones A bunch of some stinking nasty barbarians will beat some woman or women before whipping out his/their cleary infected dick/dicks and stick it in her/them then after making like a dog/doggies humping some leg/legs he/they go back to actually being kings/hoodlums.

Our political media cultural reality is filled with so much violent sex. I make art most often as a response, not as a challenge. This response is emotional so the category I think is expressionism but It's so unpredictable and surreal. it doesn't matter how I start.

When I wrote this I was thinking of a political work involving a Guillotine. That should be obvious to my contemporaries but the emotion is not constant and I'm not particularly murderous.

Yet the images keep coming and the canvas prepared.

But, it is not the subject of the title of this writing. 7 of 9, which is a painting about rape.

Ingrid and I named the painting. She pointed out that there's 7 cats not 9 as in 9 lives. But I noted that there are 9 characters. Then I felt it and the name was set. 7 of 9 I said.

Instantly I thought 7 of 9 from star trek Voyager.


Then, trying to modify the name "7 of 9 as in 9 lives.

But now writing about it. I realized that actually there are 10 characters in the painting.


No it's not my first image about rape and abortion.

The point being, here in this image about

privilege, about reproduction-Male -female and race. But here we have central to the painting another privilege that being the right of creation. By the artist....

not done yet

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