About me Perreaoult Daniels


For a patron of the arts.


I'm an artist, from Washington D.C.there's me and three teen children and Ingrid a potter who keeps me alive.


Living in suberbia.

We showed at Verious Galleries. Before marinating in suberbia...

M.o.c.a. D.C.

Pass Gallery

Eklecticos Gallery

Roberson Gallery

Building web sites has been an adventure 

I'm producing work and that is a conflict with administering to a Online Gallery. We artist need a gallery relationship to find that match the patron and the Artist.


University of Maryland School of Architecture

Corcoran School of the Arts & Design


 Now here we are family, art and a lot of it. Friends, in-laws, mine. I am producing this online gallery.


My Art is for sale.

OutSide Voices Show at

Marissa Long

I delivered Shallows today. I must admit that I did not expect to see an image of my son chosen to be in the show. 

My son Paris and I were having difficulties. The tension spread to the rest of the family. Or so I interpreted events. 

I created a series of family drawings-paintings; but Shallows, can be interpreted pretty directly having something to do with growth, memory And loss.


I hope that you like the work in person and if you like my work, you might think of me if you or a like-minded curator plan a show.




SHALLOWS,SOLD in the OutSide Voices Show at

Prices for Art can very easily. This painting, The Magic Wand, 12/11/2020 is Approx 5'  by 6' . It is mounted on a black backing for the photography.

The Galley sale of  The Magic Wand is $60,000.00.

My finished work is trimmed and mounted on black canvas in a box frame

Mounting and framing